DOMO Consulting

I am a Domo Consultant living in Whitby, Ontario, Canada and working remotely.

My Domo clients have included Destination Canada, Toyota Canada, TELUS Digital, TELUS Data Centre Solutions and Minto Group.

My Domo work history:

TELUS Digital

  • Supported Koodo Mobile web channel and TELUS Digital scrum teams and implemented Domo dashboards to give directional metrics and tactical insights
  • Set up users, pages, cards, data sources, data flows, beastmodes
  • Data Sources included: Adobe Analytics, Self Serve Users, Subscriber data, App usage, Customer Feedback – Qualtrics

TELUS Data Centre Solutions & Services

  • Created Domo instance for DCSS and set up groups and users
  • Presented Domo demos to VP and directors
  • Created business processes for developing insights
  • Trained Full Time Employess on Domo Admin management
  • Created data mashups and calculated metrics

Minto Group

Minto’s lean marketing team needed an efficient method of gathering, reporting and delivering insights. I was responsible for simplifying the process.

Before the DOMO initiative CSV and excel sheets were the main tools for analyzing and reporting insights. I created data frames for historical data and developed methods for ingesting data into DOMO.


Email: | Mobile: 416-937-5316
28 Barberry Court, Whitby, Ontario, Canada